Holli is such an incredible doula and is a nourishing breath of fresh air in general. Her ability to baby juggle (twins!), make delicious food, hold loving space for all the feelings and nurture the family as a whole is incredible. Her artistic expression comes through in the way she cares for others and anyone would be more than blessed to have her as their doula. I can’t recommend her highly enough.



What title can I give to Holli? Plain ‘helper’ would never do justice enough for the importance and the deep impact she had on our postpartum journey with our second child…She is a like a mother, friend, hydration fairy, baby whisperer, laundry queen, master chef and so much more all in one. I will never forgot the moment when she brought this tired, emotional, leaking and bleeding mess of me a wonderfully smelling bowl of freshly, cooked, nutrient-dense and healthy food to be eaten on the couch, it was a serious hug in a bowl that nourished my body, soul and spirit deeply. She took the baby when I needed a break/shower/nap and gently rocked him to sleep. She cooked with love and intention every day.  Her practice is always intentional, mindful, considering different views and lastly, very holistic that keeps the family unit best interests in mind. I experienced a journey from healing to end up truly thriving in and becoming a happy and content mother to my now two children in those precious 40 days after birth. We thoroughly enjoyed having Holli as our doula and would/will do it again in a heartbeat!


I became a first time mom to twin boys last September and immediately knew I needed to get some help. What started as a need for nighttime support so that my husband and I could get some sleep blossomed into so much more with Holli.
Holli not only nurtured and help raised my boys during such a pivotal time in their lives, she also nurtured and helped me grow as a new mom as well. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to babies and milestones and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to postpartum care. Nighttime support quickly turned into daytime support as well and Holli was so flexible and accommodating with my schedule and needs. She became a friend, therapist, sister and trusted confidant to me so quickly. She has such an ease about her that immediately puts you at ease as well, even in the most trying of times.

I truly don’t know if I could have made it without her love and support. Anyone would be lucky to have her by their side during such a delicate and special time in their lives. I know for a fact I am a better mom and overall person because my time and experience with her.


Holli was exceptional with our newborn baby, and to the family overall through our postpartum. We unfortunately had some unexpected and unique postpartum complications, stemming from an infection / sepsis for Mom shortly after birth. This event threw us all into a trial by fire right away, and Holli was still able to step right in with us to help support our newborn, and each of the family members at an important time to help in our recovery.
Fortunately, baby and mom are all doing great now, and we couldn’t have imagined going through it all without the doula support. She was able to help with our unique needs and timing in a number of valuable ways, including with her overall expertise and knowledge.

Hopefully others reading this will have a less-complicated postpartum recovery than we did (due to the unexpected illness for Mom), but it is probably a great security for any new parents to know that Holli is incredibly well-equipped and skilled to support everyone, whether it is a more-typical postpartum experience, or in the event that complications might arise like they did on us.


It’s difficult to describe my gratitude and respect for Holli as I have crossed this threshold into mama-hood. I am yet to encounter anyone who brings such a potent mix of pagan spirituality, feminist/queer/anti-racist politics, and deep awareness of the day-to-day physical and emotional labour of raising a human - whether about my self, my baby, or my relationships. From across the other side of the Atlantic she helped me to hear my instincts, protect my space, and look after my body - even ordering nettles to be sent to my door with a recipe for a magical postnatal brew! she is a powerful soul. I’m lucky to have had her along for this wild and beautiful ride