Postnatal Doula Support

What Is Postnatal Doula Support Like?

After giving birth, having postnatal doula support is priceless. A postnatal doula helps you transition into the “fourth trimester” of you and your baby’s life together. What does that look like? It’s having someone to listen to your concerns, someone who can help you heal, someone who can help new parents learn to take care of their newborn.

Through my service, Dear Arlo, I can provide postnatal doula support tailored to your individual family’s needs. This might include:

● Helping with breastfeeding and lactation
● Preparing nutritious meals for the family
● Checking on how the mother is healing after birth
● Providing support and education to families after adoption or surrogacy
● Caring for the newborn and older siblings so parents can rest
● Offering emotional support
● Doing simple household tasks
● Supporting families through pregnancy loss

Your postnatal doula support may be different from other families’ needs. The beauty of having a doula is that I can help your family in the specific ways that you most need help.

How Doula Pregnancy Support Prepares You for Birth

Becoming a mother is one of the most awe-inspiring things in life that a person experiences. As
you enter the last few weeks of pregnancy, you will probably begin to feel a variety of intense emotions, including excitement and anxiety. This is the perfect time for doula pregnancy support to begin, which can carry through birth and the postnatal period to give you a continuous support system.

Working with Dear Arlo as your pregnancy comes to a close offers you physical and emotional support gives you confidence in your abilities to birth and care for your baby. It also gives you the assurance that I will be beside you during your journey every step of the way.