Postnatal Depression

Get Help Overcoming Postnatal Depression or Anxiety

Hormones that fluctuate after birth, as well as lack of sleep, external stressors, shifts in your
relationship dynamics, worry over your new responsibilities, and many other factors can lead to depression and/or anxiety. This is a time where accessing and expanding your support system is really crucial. Through my service, Dear Arlo, you can connect with a doula to help support you and facilitate better healing during periods of postnatal depression or anxiety.

My doula training has enabled me to discuss your mood, emotions, and mental health during the postnatal period. While I do not provide mental health or medical care, I can talk with you about how you’re feeling and help assess your mental health while supporting you postnatally.

If you need the help of a mental health professional, I can provide referrals and resources so
you can be on the path of feeling well and whole as quickly as possible.

Postnatal Depression or Baby Blues Syndrome?

Even if you don’t develop postnatal depression, you can still get the “baby blues.” This is very common in new mothers. Baby blues syndrome is different from postnatal depression in that it’s not as severe.

You may have baby blues syndrome if you experience mood swings, feel irritable or anxious, or if you feel too tired to take care of yourself. Feeling this way for a few weeks is normal. Often what helps the baby blues is to get as much rest as possible, eat nourishing foods, and take it easy on yourself. A doula can help you reach these goals and ease the discomforts you may be experiencing during this time.

With postnatal doula support, you can get the help you need to feel nurtured as a new mother.  Every mother deserves to feel empowered to take on the challenges they are facing, and there is no shame in asking for help. Contact Dear Arlo today to find out more.