Postnatal Advice For Mothers

Valuable Postnatal Advice For Mothers

No matter how much you read, prepare, and solicit advice, it will always be a little overwhelming to start taking care of a newborn baby. During this postnatal period, as you become used to parenting and discover the unexpected challenges you face, it helps to get postnatal advice for mothers from Dear Arlo. When you work with me, I will encourage and nurture you by providing the physical, emotional and evidence based informational support you need to heal after birth, or transition through your adoption or surrogacy experience.

That’s why having the services of a doula is so wonderful for new parents. As a trained doula, I give you the information and non-judgmental support and encouragement you need to help you feel empowered, informed, and educated when it comes to taking care of your baby. Although I provide postnatal advice for mothers and fathers, you will learn to make decisions that work the best for your family.

My job as a full-spectrum doula is to provide your family with what you need to feel nurtured and whole during the “fourth trimester.” Taking care of the mother, so she can take care of her baby, is my mission -- a beautiful and much-needed thing in the beginning of your motherhood journey.

Get Online Support For New Parents

If you’re concerned about COVID-19 or don’t live in the Auckland/Mangawhai area, you can still benefit from doula services. One of the exciting aspects of my work with new mothers is the technology that allows me to help them remotely. I am happy to provide online support for new parents worldwide.

Using Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, we can talk about your needs. We can discuss any of your
concerns or questions, including:

● Breastfeeding, lactation, and supplemental feeding
● How to help your baby sleep
● Postnatal healing
● Addressing your emotional needs

Online support for new parents includes video chats that are two hours long, plus unlimited texts or emails.

So even though we might not be together in person, you can still get the help and
encouragement you need to feel confident in your abilities to take care of yourself and your
baby from my service, Dear Arlo. Get the doula support you need, wherever you are.