Postpartum Doula Support

Parenting a newborn is big, important and often challenging work, and you absolutely deserve to be fully supported in your physical recovery and the emotional adjustment to parenting a new baby. I believe in creating a nourished, non judgmental environment where you feel honored in your incredible journey. 

The road to new parenthood can be wondrous and transformative. But equally, it can be  challenging and comes with a flood of hormonal and psychological changes that can feel overwhelming at best. A lot of people arrive here already exhausted by a fertility journey that they didn’t expect. Postpartum support is a vital resource at this time when you are standing on the edge of the unknown. I will encourage and nurture you by providing the physical, emotional and evidence based informational support you need to heal after birth, or transition through your adoption or surrogacy experience. 

We will meet for a prenatal session and go over the postpartum plan, working together to identify the needs and desires of your family. I work to develop a genuine sense of self-confidence for new parents and their partners, enabling you to tether to your parental instincts and parent the way YOU want too.

 All of my services can be provided in-person or virtually; you choose what works best for you.

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What Does This Support Look Like? 

Emotionally and Physically

  • My goal is to ensure your postpartum journey is imbued with as much healing, joy and laughter as possible

  • I’ll help you empower yourself, as a new parent, by making sure you feel nourished, supported and well rested

  • I'll support your emotional and physical recovery from birth 

  • Hold space as you transition into new parenthood and process your birth story

  • Provide nurturing touch for the birthing person and baby
 - I give a great foot rub

  • I’ll encourage you to connect with  your intuition to parent the way that best serves your family 

  • I'll provide non judgmental, educational support, empowering you to make informed decisions about your postpartum journey

Help the whole family get protected rest

"I will listen to you, I will make you laugh
 and I will leave you feeling confident and capable"


Practically and Educationally

  • Provide newborn care and sleep education

  • Teach infant soothing techniques

  • Breast/chest feeding and lactation support, I am a certified lactation support counselor (CLSC) 

  • Advise on healthy postpartum nutrition and self care

  • Cook delicious and nourishing meals and healing herbal infusions 

  • Advise on different baby wearing techniques and baby carriers

  • Help activate the rings of support already on offer to you 

  • Set up nursing stations and diaper changing areas throughout your home to enhance the function and flow of your space - we will build your nest! 

  • Provide sibling care and support for families welcoming a second or third child

  • Provide an extensive list of resources on pregnancy, birth and postpartum and provide referrals to specialists if needed

Please email for package pricing
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"I'm passionate about cooking fresh nourishing food, warm broths, powerful herbal infusions; these are all healing balms for the Postpartum body (and feelings!). It’s vital that the birthing parent is kept well fed and hydrated so they can pass all that nutrition onto their babe."

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