Fourth Trimester Planning

We are living in a very different and complicated time as new parents, often birthing far from our family and traditional rings of support. There is so much focus on the event of birth, so much preparation, more often than not, we find ourselves with a lot of questions after the dust settles.


Planning for the fourth trimester is vital if we are to set ourselves up for a healing, rested and joy-filled postpartum time. 

During our planning sessions we will work through and document your support plan, covering topics such as

  • Getting protected rest

  • Infant soothing techniques

  • Feeding, including; lactation, breastfeeding and breast health, and pumping

  • Newborn care


We will look at your house hold and what needs to be in place to keep everything working smoothly. We will identify and activate the existing rings of support you have on hand already. 


My goal is to create a postpartum plan that will ensure that you are fed, rested, and cared for during this most precious time, so that you may relax and bond with your new baby. 

Pregnant Woman in Nature

My Fourth trimester planning package is 4 hours, broken into two 2 hour sessions and include a ‘Postpartum Planning Worksheet’ to guide you through the whole fourth trimester. These sessions can be virtual or in person. 

"The Fourth Trimester is a time of transition and bonding, as you delve into this new, profoundly fluid, space you should continue to receive gentle guidance, support and education about the changes you have gone through (and will continue to experience) as your body heals and your baby grows." 

Image by Naomi August