Birth Doula Support

Parenting a newborn is big, important and often challenging work, and you absolutely deserve to be fully supported in your physical recovery and the emotional adjustment to parenting a new baby. I believe in creating a nourished, non judgmental environment where you feel honored in your incredible journey. 

The road to new parenthood can be wondrous and transformative. But equally, it can be  challenging and comes with a flood of hormonal and psychological changes that can feel overwhelming at best. A lot of people arrive here already exhausted by a fertility journey that they didn’t expect. Postpartum support is a vital resource at this time when you are standing on the edge of the unknown. I will encourage and nurture you by providing the physical, emotional and evidence based informational support you need to heal after birth, or transition through your adoption or surrogacy experience. 

We will meet for a prenatal session and go over the postpartum plan, working together to identify the needs and desires of your family. I work to develop a genuine sense of self-confidence for new parents and their partners, enabling you to tether to your parental instincts and parent the way YOU want too.

Pregnant Belly

What Does This Support Look Like? 

Prenatal Preparation

2 in-home prenatal sessions (usually 1-2hr)

Two hands-on sessions exploring the physiology of labour, techniques & tools to keep you comfy, and physical exercises to do in pregnancy to help prepare your body and mind. We will plan for your birth, and talk through any fears or anxieties you may be experiencing. 

Labour Support
In-home, birth centre or hospital care.
From the time you need me, I will join you wherever you’re at to support you through your birth experience to 1-2 hours after delivery, only leaving when you’re comfortable.

On call support 24-hours a day, beginning at 38 weeks of gestation

Postpartum Care 
1 in-home follow up (usually 1-2hr) 
We will reflect on your birth story, provide holistic healing to support recovery, provide lactation support and share resources. 


“That’s the thing about birth, we don’t get an itinerary. We have to surrender and let go and it’s in that vulnerability we find the courage and strength we forgot we’ve had since our own birth. The power is already in you.” - Janurary Harshe