Birth Doula Support

Birth is the most intimate and personal experience a person can go through. It requires a level of trust and vulnerability that we don’t summon often. It is so important to surround yourself with care providers and support people who will advocate for you, and the birth you want. I’m passionate about your informed consent, your rights as a birthing person, and protecting your birth space.


As your Birth Doula I will listen to you and share resources that you need to support your decisions and your mental and physical health. YOU are my focus throughout your birth experience. My primary role is to inform and educate you to make the best choices for yourself and your family, offering constant and continuous care whether you choose to birth in a hospital, birth center or at home.


My hope for you and your family is a positive, powerful birth experience and a smooth transition into parenting, and that’s what I strive to help you to accomplish. I would be truly honored to be a part of your journey. 


I provide birth, and full spectrum doula care, that includes prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum support. If you’re interested in working with me in this capacity please reach out. 

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What Does This Support Look Like? 

Prenatal Prep and Birth Planning

Two in-home prenatal sessions (2hrs each)

These are hands-on sessions exploring your birth preferences, the physiology of labour, techniques and tools to keep you comfy, hospital protocol and procedures (if applicable). We will discuss your history, your birth plan and ways to help prepare your body and mind for birth, while talking through any fears or anxieties you may be experiencing.

Labour Support
In-home, birth centre or hospital care.
Continuous labor support at home and/or hospital/birthing center, usually staying 1-2 hours after delivery or until you are settled and comfortable. On call support 24-hours a day, beginning at 38 weeks of gestation continuing until your baby’s birth day. 

Postpartum Care 
One in-home postpartum visit within the first 1-4 weeks at your convenience. 
During this visit we will reflect on your birth and address any concerns you maybe having. I'll provide lactation support, warm broth and give referrals as needed

You will also receive;

Access to my lending library, recommended reading, referrals and resources

Phone, text, and email support as needed

Attendance at cesarean birth if needed/chosen and approved by medical staff

Emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after birth

Please email for package pricing
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“That’s the thing about birth, we don’t get an itinerary. We have to surrender and let go and it’s in that vulnerability we find the courage and strength we forgot we’ve had since our own birth. The power is already in you.” - Janurary Harshe

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